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Two nations live side by side, in peace – for a while. Now one tiny nation is enslaved to the the reigning world power. A prince rises up – to defend the underdog. You’ve heard the Passover story, now watch it unfold, in real time, with a modern twist, on Twitter. 8 characters live the story over 3 weeks.


  • @twitplaymoshe – Moses, our hero
  • @twitplayaharon – Aaron, Moses’s brother
  • @twitplaypharaoh – Pharaoh, Egypt’s king and god and Moses’ nemesis
  • @twitplaymiriam – Miriam, Moses and Aaron’s older sister
  • @twitplayocheved – Yocheved, the mother of Miriam, Aaron, and Moses
  • @twitplayammon – Ammon, an Egyptian citizen living through these rough times…Ah, the good old days!
  • @twitplayhorus – Horus, donut-loving Egyptian wondering why there are no good parties now that the Hebrews have shown up
  • @twitplaychanoch – A Jewish slave, yearning for freedom, and a hot meal

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